ETS Thought 033014, Sin vs Praise, Genesis 4:7

In my last blog post, I wrote about Pastor Steve Hill who passed away on March 9th of this year. His death was the result of cancer, and at his age of sixty years, he seemed “so very young.” Steve was a very effective preacher. I have watched all three of the videos of Steve that I put with the post. I also watched other videos of Steve preaching in various revival types of meetings. One thing, that is very clear, is that Steve Hill spoke very directly to “the church” about its sinfulness. He also addressed non-believers, but his sermons to believers were greatly needed. Steve had a very captivating voice; his message could not be missed. One of the consistent points of his sermons dealt with the fact that “the church” is full of “unconfessed sin.” I would like to call that situation, “leading a double life.” That can include husbands and wives keeping secrets from each other, to include having private passwords for each of their computers, cell phones, and other things which were made secret from the mate. It can also include a pastor having a relationship with a female, in or out of his church, that has created too much of an intimate state of friendship. Steve Hill also talked about our legacies, and what people will find out about “our secret lives,” when “all of our stuff” is cleared out of “our secret hiding places,” in our homes and places of business, after we die.

The Apostle Paul realized that we will always have a problem with sin. In Romans 7:14- 24, I see Paul saying, “the things I know that I should do, I don’t do; the things that I shouldn’t do, I do.” But, the Apostle knew the reason for this inner battle of the will versus the spirit. He said, “it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwells in me.” Paul recognized that even though his spirit had been born again, and that he had been saved, he still had a sin nature of the soul. God spoke directly to Cain about the same problem in Genesis 4:7, when He said, “sin is crouching at the door, and its desire is for you.” But, God said to Cain in relation to sin, “you should rule over it.” Until all of us die, all of us will have to deal with “indwelling sin,” which will continually tempt us to live and act outside of God’s will for our lives. For the pastor who is in an affair, or is about to enter one; “just end it.” For others who are “playing with fire,” just put the fire out!

A well-known pastor once said, “sin will take you to places that you hadn’t planned on going, and will keep you there longer than you wanted to stay.” This letter is being written to people who are very smart, and don’t need further clarification on sin. But, let me make one more statement, and it’s for the pastor who may be in an extra-marital affair. “Pastor, when you are standing before your congregation, and are trying to worship God, can you really worship Him with such unconfessed sin that is so deeply embedded within your soul?”

Please let me encourage you to listen to the videos of Steve Hill in my post 032914. The second one is of lesser quality, but it sends a clear message for us, to watch how we live our lives. John 4:24 tells us that we should worship God in spirit and truth. In essence, that requires “all of us for all of Him.” The following video deals with our total worship of God. Let that total worship of God go with us at all times, to all places.

Total Praise
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Southern Baptist Convention
Fort Worth, Texas USA
Dr. Jack Graham, Senior Pastor

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