101314 Good Morning Vietnam

The innocence of the 50s and early 60s had come and gone. Our nation was at war in Southeast Asia, or better known as Vietnam. The movie, “Good Morning Vietnam,” shows how a group of radio disc jockeys tried to make things better for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen who were spending a year of their life trying to hold back the communist forces of North Vietnam. Robin Williams plays such a dj. I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War (they called it a conflict, but I think that someone couldn’t figure out that it was a real war!). My time was spent in Thailand and The Republic of The Philippines, in support of the war effort, so I was very blessed and thankful that I didn’t have to enter an area of combat. But, I can remember the great service that the djs of the Armed Forces Radio And Television Service did to strengthen the morale of our military and civilian folks who were assigned to areas of Southeast Asia. Armed Forces Vietnam Network, and other AFRTS organizations did a great job of bringing the music of “back home” to a land that was a third world country. In my Air Force barracks in the Philippines, we had a group of those wonderful djs living with us. They were members of the Army, Navy, and of course, the Air Force. I can remember a great Navy dj. I think that his name was Ray Lorio. I trust that life was good to him after he left the Philippines. I left in 1971, and I think that he was still there. So, please consider the value of the video. It was about a movie that was about a very unpopular war. Horrible things were happening, as the movie shows, and the song may seem to be out-of-place. But, such songs were very important to our troops who would be spat upon once they returned home, due to the war’s unpopularity. So, sit back for two minutes and thirty-nine seconds and view a video about a very telling movie that starred a great actor and comedian, Robin Williams. Following the video, you will find a link to a site that will tell you more about the hero djs of the Vietnam War.

What A Wonderful World
Good Morning Vietnam

AFVN – American Forces Vietnam Network Home Page – OoCities
http://www.oocities.org/afvn/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
Hear AFVN Vietnam military radio again or watch military tv news again on your computer – authentic shows heard or seen years ago. See pictures of the GI’s …

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