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John 4:24 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

24 God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Notice that Jesus is not saying that God is “a spirit.” Such a comment would make God “one of many spirits.” No! God “is” Spirit. God is “the only Spirit of Deity.” Consider the following note:

4:24 God is Spirit. This verse represents the classical statement on the nature of God as Spirit. The phrase means that God is invisible (Col. 1:15; 1 Tim. 1:17; Heb. 11:27) as opposed to the physical or material nature of man (1:18; 3:6). The word order of this phrase puts an emphasis on “Spirit,” and the statement is essentially emphatic. Man could never comprehend the invisible God unless He revealed Himself, as He did in Scripture and the Incarnation. must worship. Jesus is not speaking of a desirable element in worship but that which is absolutely necessary. in spirit and truth. The word “spirit” does not refer to the Holy Spirit but to the human spirit. Jesus’ point here is that a person must worship not simply by external conformity to religious rituals and places (outwardly) but inwardly (“in spirit”) with the proper heart attitude. The reference to “truth” refers to worship of God consistent with the revealed Scripture and centered on the “Word made flesh” who ultimately revealed His Father (14:6). (This note is from the MacArthur Study Bible. Everyone should own a MacArthur Study Bible).

Consider this thought. Worshiping God in spirit and in truth. It’s not a place, a day, or a time; it’s “all of us for all of Him.”

Please let me direct you to some singers who truly worship God “in spirit and in truth.” “Women of Faith” sing in a way that is deeply worshipful. I trust that you will join-in, and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Above All

My Heart – Your Home
(Deep Worship)

Wonderful Merciful Savior

Shout To The Lord

Worship, consider God’s Word.

Exodus 33:7-10 New American Standard Version (NASB)

The Tent outside the Camp

7 Now Moses used to take the tent and pitch it outside the camp, a good distance from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting. And everyone who sought the Lord would go out to the tent of meeting which was outside the camp. 8 And it came about, whenever Moses went out to the tent, that all the people would arise and stand, each at the entrance of his tent, and gaze after Moses until he entered the tent. 9 Whenever Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the entrance of the tent; and the Lord would speak with Moses. 10 When all the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would arise and worship, each at the entrance of his tent.

2 Chronicles 7:1-3 New American Standard Version (RSV)

Solomon Dedicates the Temple

The Shekinah Glory

1 Now when Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the house. 2 The priests could not enter into the house of the Lord because the glory of the Lord filled the Lord’s house. 3 All the sons of Israel, seeing the fire come down and the glory of the Lord upon the house, bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave praise to the Lord, saying, “Truly He is good, truly His loving kindness is everlasting.”

7:1–3 fire came down. This also occurred when the tabernacle was dedicated (Lev. 9:23, 24). This was the genuine dedication, because only God can truly sanctify.(Note: MacArthur Study Bible)

Philippians 3:10 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

The Goal Of Life

10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death;

3:10 I may know Him. See note on v. 8. Paul’s emphasis here is on gaining a deeper knowledge and intimacy with Christ. the power of His resurrection. Christ’s resurrection most graphically demonstrated the extent of His power. By raising Himself from the dead, Christ displayed His power over both the physical and spiritual worlds. fellowship of His sufferings. This refers to a partnership—a deep communion of suffering that every believer shares with Christ, who is able to comfort suffering Christians because He has already experienced the same suffering, and infinitely more (Heb. 2:18; 4:15; 12:2–4; cf. 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Pet. 2:21–24). conformed to His death. As Christ died for the purpose of redeeming sinners, so Paul had that same purpose in a lesser sense; he lived and would willingly die to reach sinners with the gospel. His life and death, though not redemptive, were for the same purpose as his Lord’s.(Note: MacArthur Study Bible)

Author: Eternity

Things are discussed in this website that relate to God's creation, from "eternity to eternity," and all that is addressed within those parameters. Consider Isaiah 43:13, "Even from eternity I am He, And there is no one who can rescue from My hand; I act, and who can reverse it?” The Moody Study Bible adds a comment: "God is the ruler of all, and there is nothing that can stand against Him. His will is irresistible. The Bible Knowledge Commentary adds this thought: "No one can reverse what God puts into action or thwart His plans." The articles that are found in this site may relate to anything that is found in the Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22.21, as well as anything that may relate to the Bible.

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