111 – Jewish Prophets

The John Ankerberg Show. Step by Step Through The Book of Revelation.

This post introduces a series of articles that are being published in a study of the Old Testament Jewish Prophets. The focus of the study is to tie prophecies, that go back as far as 840 B.C., to future events that will affect, not only Jews, but Gentiles too. Each post is being cataloged in the specific blog that relates to the end times. The blog name is Revealing. https://apocalypseandbeyond.wordpress.com/ is its link. A blog that has all of my blog links is UTLOT. https://utlot.wordpress.com/ is its link.

The opening video describes the end times events of our study. Bio information on the speakers in the video can be found at the bottom of this page.

Many people live their lives in total darkness, as it relates to their lack of understanding the times and things that lie ahead.  As a way of illuminating such spiritual darkness, God has provided biblical prophecy. Certain Jews were chosen by God to present His Word to the Jews, whom are known in scripture as “God’s chosen people,” (Deuteronomy 7:6).  The Jews were chosen by God to be a holy and righteous people, to bring a Holy and Righteous Messiah into our world.  This study will focus on the prophets of Israel whom spoke words of judgment and encouragement to the Jews during the times of their being dispersed from their “God ordained land” (Genesis 15:18-21), which occurred after the death of King Solomon in 931 B.C. The prophecies will be studied from the time of their being given by God to each prophet, until the times of their fulfillment.  From time to time there may be included in this blog, posts that are provided as “food for thought.” 


Bio -Dr. John Ankerberg


Bio – Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

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