117 – Jewish Sabbath – Prophet Joel (Future)

As this article is being written, the Jewish Sabbath has entered into many of the world’s time zones. Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday of each week, and continues until sunset of the following day, Saturday.

Shabbat Information

Shabbat (also known as “Shabbos” or the “Sabbath”) is the centerpiece of Jewish life, and has been so since the infancy of our nation. According to the Talmud, Shabbat is equal to all the other commandments. Shabbat is so central to Jewish life. Shabbat is the centerpiece of Jewish life that the term shomer Shabbat (Shabbat observer) is synonymous with “religious Jew” in common parlance.

Shabbat is a day of rest and celebration that begins on Friday at sunset and ends on the following evening after nightfall.

The above Shabbat information comes from the Jewish website Chabad.ORG https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/633659/jewish/What-Is-Shabbat.htm

Joel, The Jewish Prophet

The date of Joel’s prophecies is 835 B.C. (Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, Th.D., Ph.D., deceased)

This study of the Jewish prophet Joel relates to prophecies that will be fulfilled in times that are futuristic. The previous study of Joel discusses prophecies that are historic, going as far back as 722 B.C. Check the following link for the introduction to Joel and the discussion of the historic fulfillment of the prophecies of Joel.


Prophecies Futuristic

From Bible Gateway. MacArthur Study Bible notes. Holman Christian Standard Bible verses.

Joel 1:1-14 The Plague Of Locusts – This was a literal invasion of locusts. The locusts (v 4) were descriptive of the future destruction in “The Day Of The Lord.” The historic prophecy was fulfilled in the immediate destruction of the locusts. However, the futuristic fulfillment will occur in the Great Tribulation. The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


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Joel 1:6 “For a nation has invaded My land, powerful and without number;
its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the fangs of a lioness.”

My note. The land is God’s land, Israel.

MacArthur note. 1:6 a nation. A literal invasion of locusts pictured the kind of destruction and judgment inflicted by human armies.

Terms: The rapture of the church/the catching up of the believers In Christ (John 14:1-6). Left behind unbelievers going through the total tribulation (Revelation 6:1-16:21, being directed by God on left-behind unbelievers; Rev 6:1; 8:5; 16:1). Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). Second Coming Of Christ to Earth (Matthew 24:29). Judgment Of Christ on the gentile nations (the unbelieving gentiles that were left behind from the rapture); those whom had not shown compassion on the Jews during the tribulation (Matthew 25:31-46).

Joel 1:15-20 The Plague Of Drought – “The Day Of The Lord” indicates that the destruction will come from God. The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


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Joel 1:15 Woe because of that day! For the Day of the Lord is near and will come as devastation from the Almighty

MacArthur note. 1:15 the day of the Lord is at hand. This is the first occurrence of the theme, “the Day of the Lord” (the occasion when God pours out His wrath on man) results in blessing and exoneration for God’s people and judgment toward Gentiles (Is. 13:6; Ezek. 30:3), but here Joel directs the warning toward his own people. The Day of the Lord is speedily approaching; unless sinners repent, dire consequences await them. destruction from the Almighty. The Heb. term “destruction” forms a powerful play on words with the “Almighty.” The notion of invincible strength is foremost; destruction at the hand of omnipotent God is coming.

Joel 2:18-27 The Promise Of Restoration – This prophecy began its fulfillment after the Jews were given permission by the Persian King Cyrus to return to their homeland from their Babylonian Captivity (538 B.C.). Therefore, in relation to the time of Joel’s prophecy, it is discussed in a futuristic sense. The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


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MacArthur note. 2:18—3:21 With the advent of v. 18, the text makes a decisive transition, devoting the remainder of the book to restoration. It assumes an interval of time between v. 17 and v. 18 during which Israel repented. As a result of her repentance, the 3 major concerns of 1:1–2:17 are answered by the Lord: physical restoration (2:21–27), spiritual restoration (2:28–32), and national restoration (3:1–21).

The final restoration will occur after the second coming of Christ, when he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords (Rev 19:6), and when He rules over the whole world during the 1,000 year millennium.

Joel 2:28-32 The Promise Of The Holy Spirit – On the Day Of Pentecost (30 A.D.), the apostle Peter made reference to Joel 2:28-32, in response to the events of Acts 2:1-14. In Peter’s sermon (Acts 2:15-21) he made reference to the Joel prophecy, but it was clear that its total fulfillment had not yet come. Many Jews accepted Christ as Lord and Savior on the Day Of Pentecost. But, the nation of Israel, “as a nation,” to include its religious leaders, failed to accept Christ. The ultimate repentance of Israel, and its acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior, will occur as prophesied in Zechariah 12:10-13 soon before the second coming of Christ to Earth. This prophecy will be revealed to include supernatural revelation, miraculous events in the heaven and earth, and opening the day of salvation to all who will call on the Name of the Lord (Romans 10:13). The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link:


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MacArthur notes

2:28 afterward. The abundance of material blessings would be followed by the outpouring of spiritual blessings. When coupled with the other temporal phrases within the passage (“in those days” [v. 29] and “before the coming of the great and awesome Day of the Lord” [v. 31]), the term points to a Second Advent fulfillment time frame. all flesh. Since the context is “your sons and your daughters,” “all flesh” best refers to the house of Israel only. The nations are the recipients of God’s wrath, not the effusion of His Spirit (cf. 3:2, 9ff.).

2:30, 31 Before…day of the Lord. Unmistakable heavenly phenomena will signal the imminent arrival of God’s wrath in the Day of the Lord (cf. v. 10; see note on 1:15).

2:32 whoever calls. Quoted by Paul in Rom. 10:13. remnant. In spite of the nation’s sin, God promised to fulfill His unconditional covenants (Noahic, Abrahamic, Davidic, and New). A future remnant of Jews will inherit God’s promised blessings (cf. Is. 10:20–22; 11:11, 16; Jer. 31:7; Mic. 2:12; Zeph. 3:13; Rom. 9:27).

Joel 3:1-3 – This prophecy will be fulfilled at the second coming of Christ (Matthew 25:31-46), with the Judgment of the nations taking place. The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


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MacArthur note. 3:1–21 Joel notes the national restoration of Israel, in which the people will be regathered to Palestine (Is. 11:15, 16; Matt. 24:31).

Joel 3:9-15 This prophecy will be fulfilled at the second coming of Christ. The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


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MacArthur note. 3:9–17 Joel resumes the theme of vv. 1–3, the gathering of the nations to the earthly courtroom, the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The sentence has been handed down and the Judge orders His agents to ready the scene for the execution.

Joel 3:16-21 – This prophecy discusses the blessings that will come from God on Israel in the end times, leading up to and during the time of the Millennium. The promises relate to the redeemed people of Israel, as opposed to those Jews whom had rejected Christ. Judah will inhabit Jerusalem forever. The blessings will come before and after the second coming of Christ, when He is known as “the” King of Kings and, “the” Lord of Lords (Rev 19:16). The verses can be seen by clicking onto the following link.


Related scriptures and comments

3:15, 16 The sun…moon. Cf. 2:10, 30, 31. These are signs that precede the coming eschatological Day of the Lord at the end of the Great Tribulation (cf. Matt. 24:29, 30).

This event does not relate to the rapture of the church/the catching up of the saints (John 4:1-6; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-54).

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