Nice People – Jerry Butler, Betty Everett, The Platters, Lenny Welch, Lionel Richie

Let It Be Me – Jerry Butler and Betty Everett…If a title could be given to this post, it could easily be, “When People Knew How To Sing.” The last two black and white Platters videos were made as part of a movie. The “youngster” in this grouping of talent is Lionel Richie….what can I say? The songs…well they… “take me back.” It was hard to stop adding songs. I hope that others feel the same way about these true artists and the songs that they recorded.

Your Precious Love…Jerry Butler, The “Ice Man”… PBS Special

The Platters ~ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The Platters Twilight Time HQ Stereo 1958

The Platters Remember When

The Platters – Only You (And You Alone) (Original Footage HD)

The Platters – My Prayer

Lenny Welch – Ebb Tide

Lionel Richie Lady

Lionel Richie – Hello

Lionel Richie – Three times a lady

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