Forty-Six Children

Waco: The Inside Story | Documentary | FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE PBS | Official Published on Feb 28, 2018

FRONTLINE investigates the deadly 51-day standoff in Waco, Texas, between federal agents and armed Branch Davidians. Drawing on 7,000 government photographs, wiretaps and hundreds of hours of telephone negotiation tapes that had never before been revealed to the public, “Waco: The Inside Story” presents an inside view of the historic siege and its tragic conclusion. Originally aired in 1995.

My comments.

David Koresh was known to take daily trips into town. The FBI could have stopped him then, and stopped the murders of seventy-five men, women and children that happened as a result of the FBI raid on April 19, 1993. The liberal news sources used the word, “compound,” to identify the building where the forty-six children were murdered by the FBI and other of the 900 law enforcement sources. None of the forty-six children, or other of the seventy-five U.S. citizens, which were killed by the U.S. Government had been tried for any related crimes.

It was during the Democrat Clinton presidency, on April 19, 1993, that an attack of the U.S. government on U.S. citizens (75 total, 46 of which were children), ended with four FBI agents also being killed, along with all of the seventy-five citizens who were being attacked by the U.S. Government. After the attack, no democrat in congress, or liberal news agency, found any fault with this overreach of the U.S. Government. FBI field agents followed the orders of their Washington political leaders; FBI families also suffered from this overreach of the U.S. Government. Today, Democrats in Congress, some of whom were in office in 1993, and the liberal news media, attack our President and ICE for protecting our country from illegal entry into our country by those whom we have no knowledge of their motives for entry, or their health status. None of the families which have been detained by the U.S. Government have been killed by the U.S. Government. Families of the Clinton administration’s ordered WACO attack were separated permanently!

The following data is that of a news report on the Waco massacre, and comments that were made in relation to the video that opens this article.

Waco siege, a 51-day standoff between Branch Davidians and federal agents that ended on April 19, 1993, when the religious group’s compound near Waco, Texas, was destroyed in a fire. Nearly 80 people were killed.

Believing that the group was illegally stockpiling weapons, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) obtained both an arrest warrant for Koresh and a search warrant for the compound. On February 28, 1993, more than 70 ATF agents raided the complex. Gunfire erupted—though it is uncertain who fired first—and during the two-hour battle, four federal agents were killed and more than a dozen injured. In addition, six Davidians reportedly died.

Nearly 900 law-enforcement officials subsequently descended on the compound, including FBI hostage negotiators.

Video Comments. Names are withheld to protect those who exercised their First Amendment Free Speech rights.

Remember who was president when this happened? does anyone know? hint, people tried putting his wife in office to do the same

Another true fumble and murders from the government

say what you will about David Koresh being crazy but the bottom line is the ATF and FBI completely overstepped there bounds and those people did not deserve to be murdered. they could of arrested Koresh while he jogged down the road . this Video is inaccurate and part of the propaganda media machine that covers for the goverment ,the clintons and democrats …

This raid should of never happened

Very sad that the government killed all those innocent children plus their mothers.

The Number 1 example of why the 2nd amendment is so important. A few folks were able to cripple the GOVT. because they were not helpless. I love this story! 100 religious folk brought the government to it’s knees and exposed the system for what it was,,, without internet BTW!!! Davidians 1- Democratic Clinton Oppression 0!

No thanks PBS, I don’t need your BS explanation of what happened.No thanks PB

“crime has been committed” Sounds like they had already made their mind and now acted like a jury and executioners.

For the morons popping up in the comments. For the moro Public Sector Media does not equate *State Media*. Both receive government funding while the former has full editorial control the latter does not.

They broke the laws they’re not supposed to use tanks on American citizens!

the feds fired first, these story’s are bias.

couldn’t except defeat, so your murdered the kids.

Well isn’t it interesting how P.B.S. and the rest of the deep state “resist-au-nce'” is so defensive of federal levels of law enforcement with all of its trump probes, and then so focused on the few examples of over reaches of local, “racist”, law enforcement (lol). Now why is that….? Would a liberal explain this to me using their own liberal mindset logic? I have never heard of local “according to CNN, MSNBC, CBS …’racist'” ….police officers entrap, trespass, raid, burn and then shoot into a church with children in it. But then maybe if they could contribute to the deep state in some way such As…unmasking illegally conducted wire taps conducted against fiscally conservative ideologies then we ( the stupid sheople people that watch this liberal big government one-sided pbs crap might not get to know about it.)

Ruby ridge is another one of the most hanus actions by are government…Ruby ridge

First time in history’s government workers fast tracked a project

This was released before they knew the facts. The timeline is inaccurate here.

wtc as cover, they call him slick Willie for nothing.

government overreach and lies.

media propaganda like always

Today I stand for a moment of silence, for our fellow Americans who were murdered in Waco Texas on that terrible day under that terrible regime of William J Clinton for doing nothing more than exercising their God-given freedoms!!

the feds fired first, these story’s are bias.

PURE LIES-GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA!!!!! Clintons gave authority for DELTA TEAMS TO PARTICIPATE….People RESEARCH THIS! That decision by Clintons directly led to Vince Fosters MURDER

murdered by the US government

I remember like it was yesterday. The feds had used child abuse as an excuse to the judge to get a warrant when they were really trying to confiscate the automatic machine guns that the Davidians had a license for. The whole thing was based on lies by our government.

This is what they mean by “sensible gun control “

Watch real sources and not a public sponsored mouth piece of this sad over reach filled with lies and a cover up of killing Americans like roaches. PBS sucks. There own IR cameras flying overhead picked up extensive automatic fire from the outside as the building burned with 17 children inside. Some reason the footage of the front door was missing to show who fired first along with a boat load of evidence.

47 kids, the administration and Doj was involved in human trafficking. that’s 47 freebies. think about it.

Why is the Bradley tank missing from the video footage? It paints a completely different picture.

….Murder, murder, and murder, that is what exactly happened from result of the FBI intervention, nothing more, nothing less, just plain outright murder of innocent children, (and of course the rest of the adults) 46 of them! The world witnessed this and was disgusted.

they stole the kids.


nothin but fbi lies, to this day liars the lot….enemies of the people

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