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Middle East and Egyptian Update with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. John Ankerberg Show. Published on Feb 8, 2011.
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and Dr. John Ankerberg discuss the current situation in the Middle East and Egypt in light of Biblical Prophecy.

Jimmy DeYoung – Signs of the Last Days
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John Ankerberg, founder and president of The John Ankerberg Show, the most-watched Christian worldview show in America.

As you can see, the video report on the situation in Egypt and Middle East was made in 2011. As you can also see, in your mind, things have not changed much about the political instability in that area of the world. Jimmy DeYoung mentioned that the situation in the middle east correlates to the prophetic scriptures of Daniel, Chapter 11. I would like to show the passages of Daniel 11:36-45, and provide a limited commentary on that area of prophecy, that has been provided by the following individuals that are highly respected for their knowledge of the end times.

The following link will take you to Daniel 11:36-45


John Walvoord, Daniel Commentary
John F. Walvoord,
(1910-2012) long-time president of Dallas Theological Seminary, was one of the most prominent evangelical scholars of his generation. He is considered perhaps the world’s foremost interpreter of biblical prophecy.
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Daniel 11:36: The King is the Antichrist.
Daniel 11:40: The King Of the South is the leader of a political and military force that comes from south of the Holy Land, but the possibility is that it involves much more than only Egypt, and can be identified as an African army.
Daniel 11:40: The King of the North is more than the small territory possessed by Syria, and probably includes all the political and military forces of the lands to the north of the Holy Land.

Charles Ryrie, Ryrie Study Bible
Charles Ryrie,
Charles Ryrie,

Daniel 11:36-45: This section gives details of Antichrist’s future career, and requires reference to some details of Israel’s last days (10:14 and 12:1-2).
Daniel 11:37: “the gods of his fathers”: Antichrist will have no respect for religion or religious heritages. The phrase does not mean that Antichrist must be a Jew. He will be unkind, cruel, and inhumane.
Daniel 11:38: Antichrist’s “god” will be military power and activity.
Daniel 11:40-45: In the tribulation period, “the king of the south” and “the king of the North” will attempt a pincer movement against Antichrist (v 40). But, with Israel as his base (vs 41), he will first defeat Egypt, then Libya and Ethiopia (Sudan). “will follow at his heels” (v 43). Shall be part of his dominion.”rumors from the East and from the North” (v 44). May relate to the armies of Rev 9:13-21; 16:12). The threat of these armies will cause Antichrist to return to Israel, making his headquarters between Jerusalem and the Mediterranean (v 45). But, he will come to his end at the hands of the victorious, returning Christ (Rev 19:11-21).

John Ankerberg, (M.Div, D.Min.)
Jimmy DeYoung (Th.D., Ph.D.)
Charles C. Ryrie (Th.D, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus.)
John F. Walvoord, (Th.M., Th.D., University President, Chancellor Emeritus, Professor Emeritus.)

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