Kurtz: Media Makes ‘Wrong Call’ With Lack of Coverage of Return of US Soldiers’ Remains.

24-0-0-58-0. Those are the seconds of reporting of the return of the remains of U.S. military personnel, of the Korean War, by the news agencies, in order, of: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.

Consider the fact that the deaths of U.S. military personnel totaled 33,739 during the Korean War. Consider the fact that those, whom have become known as “fake news,” did not take into account the importance that this event had in the minds of many more American minds, than there are members of “fake news.” Fake news does not like President Trump. Fake news takes out its hatred of President Trump on his supporters, and is making much of the American populace their enemy by neglecting to report “real news.” Consider the following information that relates to the Korean War, and its war dead. You will see the names of those whom gave their lives in the Korean War. Obviously, “fake news” does not consider such information to be news worthy. I used to watch every network’s news broadcasts; not anymore! Why? Because I can not trust their “non-objective” reporting, and their input of “non-news” into their broadcasts as being “real news,” when it is only “opinion.” I now watch, “OAN, Newsmax, and FOX News. Mainstream “fake news,” “you lost me!” Or maybe the true words are, “you ran me away!” I no longer watch any programming of the “fake news” networks; not even that of their local affiliates. I am not going to treat such bad behavior with the gift of my ratings, which results in greater revenue for fake news, which is used to attack the beliefs of God-fearing men, women and children of America. By the way, Fox news showed every minute of the return of those Korean War dead remains.

June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953. Those are the dates of the U.S.A. involvement in the Korean War. In between the start and stop dates is a “dash.” It is within the time of that “dash” that 33,739 American military personnel gave their lives in defense of freedom. The remains of many of the U.S. military war dead remained unaccounted for during the U.S. Presidential administrations from 1953 until U.S. President Trump negotiated a beginning of war remains that began yesterday, August 2, 2018. Neither Democrat Presidents, nor Republican Presidents, since the end of the Korean War did that which President Trump did to start a return of the remains of U.S. military members whom were killed during the Korean War.

Korean War (1950-1953)
Total servicemembers 5,720,000
Serving in-theater 1,789,000
Battle deaths 33,739
Other deaths in service (theater) 2,835
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 17,672
Nonmortal woundings 103,284
Living veterans 2,275,000

The Korean War (in South Korean Hangul: 한국전쟁; Hanja: 韓國戰爭; RR: Hanguk Jeonjaeng, “Korean War”; in North Korean Chosŏn’gŭl: 조국해방전쟁; Hancha: 祖國解放戰爭; MR: Choguk haebang chǒnjaeng, “Fatherland: Liberation War”; 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953)[37][38][c] was a war between North Korea (with the support of China and the Soviet Union) and South Korea (with the principal support of the United States). The war began on 25 June 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea[40][41] following a series of clashes along the border.[42][43] The United Nations, with the United States as the principal force, came to the aid of South Korea. China came to the aid of North Korea, and the Soviet Union also gave some assistance to the North.

As a product of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, Korea was split into two sovereign states with their governments claiming to be the sole legitimate government of all of Korea, and neither accepted the border as permanent. The conflict escalated into open warfare when North Korean forces—supported by the Soviet Union and China—moved into the south on 25 June 1950.[44] The United Nations Security Council authorized the formation and dispatch of UN forces to Korea[45] to repel what was recognized as a North Korean invasion.[46][47] Twenty-one countries of the United Nations eventually contributed to the UN force, with the United States providing around 90% of the military personnel.[48]

After the first two months of war, South Korean and U.S. forces rapidly dispatched to Korea were on the point of defeat, forced back to a small area in the south known as the Pusan Perimeter. In September 1950, an amphibious UN counter-offensive was launched at Incheon, and cut off many North Korean troops. Those who escaped envelopment and capture were forced back north. UN forces rapidly approached the Yalu River—the border with China—but in October 1950, mass Chinese forces crossed the Yalu and entered the war.[44] The surprise Chinese intervention triggered a retreat of UN forces which continued until mid-1951.

After these reversals of fortune, which saw Seoul change hands four times, the last two years of fighting became a war of attrition, with the front line close to the 38th parallel. The war in the air, however, was never a stalemate. North Korea was subject to a massive bombing campaign. Jet fighters confronted each other in air-to-air combat for the first time in history, and Soviet pilots covertly flew in defense of their communist allies.

The fighting ended on 27 July 1953, when an armistice was signed.

Korean War Casualties By Name | T | US Military | VetFriends
https://www.vetfriends.com/memorial/mem_alphab.cfm…Proxy Highlight

Casualties from The Korean War Sorted By Last Name and Branch. If The Person
You are Searching For Does Not Have a Page Listed Please Add Your Military .


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5 thoughts on “24-0-0-58-0”

  1. I have been going over this and other disparities on my Facebook feed also. I pray that the people who elected our President are sticking with him. Have you seen the rallies he has been doing to support candidates and how much their polling changed after he had been there?

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes! I have seen the rallies. I am encouraged by the support that goes to our President. Americans who support God must vote to keep out of office those which are trying to force on us a support of homosexuality, abortion on demand, and a departure from our support.of Israel,


  2. I heard on FOX news today, how mainstream media chose not to cover the return of our soldiers. They hate President Trump so much, they refused to acknowledge even this event taking place under his leadership. Bad choice.

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