In the opening video, Jimmy Stewart gives a passionate speech on the floor of the United States Congress, condemning the corruption and greed that pervades the American political system. The  year of the movie was 1939; not much has changed since then. By the way, Jimmy Stewart is demonstrating a true filibuster where, “no breaks are allowed.” This post comes from my Life blog.

This blog is event-driven; it comments on issues that have a lot to do with the direction in which our world is heading today.  Because of the issues that affect our world, which appear to be going in a straight line for a major train wreck, “Life,” in many aspects, is at risk. As a disclaimer, I will claim ownership of having a social media following of more than seven million people, most of whom demonstrate a greater common sense than that which I have observed in the “news anchors,” most of whom are earning millions of dollars a year. I will add to that group of “so-called journalists,”  the men and women that have been elected to lead our country, in our Senate and House of Representatives; they also seem to be suffering from much-needed common sense (and honesty!). So, hang around! I hope that you will gain some ideas that may help you within your own circles of participation and interest. Be sure to follow my other blogs, as well as this one. You may even like the music videos that I include. The links to my blogs, are as follows.
Revealing Israel


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