News March 21, 2019

USA Economy Booming – USA Support For Israel – Large Company CEOs’ Comments – POTUS Campus Free Speech Exec Order – Mueller Report – Illegal Migrant Crisis At Southern Border – National Debt 22.1 Trillion, and Climbing! – FB Passwords Exposed – POTUS Declaration Of Support For Flooded Midwest – ISIS Caliphate Defeat – Venezuela Crisis – Beto says no border crisis – Chicken Pox and Measles From Illegals – Wages USA highest in 10 years…..goes to lower wage earners – DOW 25,962.51…..News Host Lou Dobbs and Guest Larry Kudlow add insight to the news in the following video of the nightly Lou Dobbs News Broadcast. Dobbs and Kudlow were regulars on CNBC during the internet and technology boom of the 90s.

Lou Dobbs Tonight 3/21/19 |

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