Monday – Passion Week – 2019

It is Monday Of Passion Week. The opening video shows Christ cleansing the temple in Jerusalem, and the reaction of the chief priests and scribes. This is the second cleansing of the temple by Christ, with the first having occurred in John 2:12-21. The second major event that took place on this particular Monday was that of Christ cursing the fig tree.

Passion Week/Holy Week

Monday of Passion Week is the last Monday prior to Resurrection Sunday; it is the second day of Holy Week, after Palm Sunday. “Resurrection Sunday” is the correct term for the day that Christ resurrected from death. Easter relates to a pagan festival. See “Easter” in Unger’s Bible Dictionary. Also see, “Don’t Say Easter” in my post, 115,

Each day’s activities of Passion Week are identified, “by day of the week,” in the Ryrie Study Bible (Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, Deceased. See bio below). Dr. Ryrie chose the Gospel Of Luke to show, “day by day,” the things that happened during Passion Week. He also used the other three gospels for supportive information. Consider the following events.

John 12:1-11, Saturday. Christ in Bethany.
John 12:12-13, Christ enters Jerusalem. Palm Sunday.
Luke 19:28-44, Palm Sunday. The triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
Luke 19:45-48, Monday. Christ curses the fig tree and cleanses the temple.
Luke 20:1-21:38, Tuesday. The authority of Christ challenged; Christ responds.
Luke 22:1-6, Wednesday. Judas agrees to betray Christ.
Luke 22:7-53, Thursday. The Passover Meal, and the washing of the disciples’ feet.
Luke 22:54-23:55, Friday. The Day of Preparation. The crucifixion, death and burial of Christ.
Luke 23:56, Saturday. Sabbath rest.
Luke 24:1-53, Resurrection Sunday. Christ is resurrected.

Consider the following verses, by link.


Luke 19:45-48
Mark 11:12-18
Matthew 21:12-19

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