Gov. Newsom signs bill requiring public colleges to provide abortion pill

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California students at public colleges and universities will soon have access to the abortion pill on campus. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 24, also known as the College Student Right to Access Act, which requires University of California and California State University campuses to offer the abortion pill. Watch the video above for the full story. 628 views•Oct 13, 2019. KCRA News. 59.7K subscribers.

California’s new abortion-on-campus law
by Harvest Prude/WORLD , posted Monday, October 14, 2019 (17 hours ago)

EDITOR’S NOTE: See expanded version of this report on Tuesday (Oct. 15).

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BP) — California becomes the first state to require all public universities to offer abortion-inducing pills to students on campus. The bill signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsome, a Democrat, on Friday (Oct. 11) takes effect in 2023.
The medications, taken in two doses, are commonly prescribed to women who are less than 10 weeks pregnant.

How are pro-life advocates responding?

The new law means state taxpayers and students will likely underwrite the costs of the abortions. The state Department of Finance reportedly estimated the cost of the program would exceed the amount funded by private grant money.

Pro-life advocates are vowing to resist the expansion of similar legislation to other states.

“The pro-life generation will not sit back and watch their college and university campuses be turned into Planned Parenthood’s new money-making machine,” Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said.

Harvest Prude writes for WORLD Digital, a division of WORLD Magazine ( based in Asheville, NC. Used by permission.

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Revelation 20:10-15

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21 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom signs bill requiring public colleges to provide abortion pill”

    1. I would like for you to read the sermon on the mount, Matthew 5-7, where Christ is talking to Jews about the kingdom age that will come. It is in those scriptures that you will find Matt 7:1. Also, Luke 6:17-49 is from the teachings of Christ to Jews. Luke 6:30 was also a teaching. Consider someone who wants a tractor from a dealer, but does not want to pay the dealer for the tractor.


  1. As do I it is not my role in life to judge others choices regardless in what action they may take when you know not the pain the and the shoes they are walking for me personally I feel thou shalt not judge is always being tested and it is hard to neutralise this into objectivity to discern that we know it’s not right for them but not knowing their situation is our test can we still offer compassion ? For me this is how I have to approach everything for who am I to judge I am only they’re soul brother sister or breathren I am in their image also I am equal to them compassion is all that is needed during such situations a stance from love 💕 agape for there are many ways to love and show love 💕 love is always the key and the answer yeshua said so


    1. As I stated earlier, I use the Words of God for particular situations. I refer to your stated verse, Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” I will share with you the Commentary of Dr. John MacArthur, 7:1 Judge not. As the context reveals, this does not prohibit all types of judging (v. 16). There is a righteous kind of judgment we are supposed to exercise with careful discernment (John 7:24). Censorious, hypocritical, self-righteous, or other kinds of unfair judgments are forbidden; but in order to fulfill the commandments that follow, it is necessary to discern dogs and swine (v. 6) from one’s own brethren (vv. 3–5)… I will add this situation. If someone murders someone else, is judgment due? Remember that judgment is a decision, either guilty or not guilty, that is based on evidence.


      1. Opinions can be formed with I agree but thout shalt not judge is a commandment help only by yhwh for he is able to travel the shoes of the said person to rightly and objectively exercise judgement it is not our job to question but know that whatever their reasons that is their secret place and space with that person and yhwh we are only here to offer kindness as such a time is already horrific enough love thy neighbour regardless of the smite he thrwarts compassion compassion compassion is yeshuas message this is not to operate only in certain situations that you approve of or not kindness compassion and empathy offered always through adversity through love of our fellow breathren soul’d vessels yeshua taught and showed compassion his compassion was congruent and steadfast by your passage above are you endorsing to only offer kindness to those so your endorsing choice and I don’t have to exercise any compassion due to judgements which are aligned with ignorances as not to be steadfast and consistent ? Wasn’t this yeshuas way to help and educate others to the choices they have at their disposal through compassion not with judgement


      2. I am not a judge. The Jews had judges who judged. I tell people what God’s Word says. If they are going to comply with God’s Word, it is up to them. If they defy God’s Word, it’s up to God as to how He will respond. Still, there is judgment, innocent or guilty, that comes from court situations. If we don’t want to have justice, there must be penalties for unlawful acts. Otherwise, we will live in a corrupt and lawless society.


      3. Yeshua is god the son he respects the Jewish leaders their belief still taught love as does Islam as does every single religion the entities have different names and all hold merit and value but kindness and compassion are as they are as does love love unites and brings together all regardless of judgement who is anyone to judge anyone’s shoes no one but yhwh I am Christian but love is a house for all not to be picked and chosen and torn apart
        Remove the negative jusmdgement/guilt or innocent that is not your path to judge life penalises those who do wrong faith hope and love in its entirety offered to all congruently


      4. For me quoting the bible I’m also quoting the bible love the theme runs through the New Testament and is the main message in every single chapter the message remains the same so quoting can mistake the message and take yeshuas message taken out of context so have Mmmmm I will also look at the paragraphs before and after for the quote above
        Please take care of yourself stay safe stay well keep smiling through these strange times and keep hand hygiene vigilant I’ve taken to sterilising my £££ and debut cards


      5. The passage relates to Christ speaking with His disciples on the evening before His crucifixion. The total discussion goes from John 13 through John 17. In John 14:1-6, He tells them that He will be going to Heaven to prepare a place for them, and will return to take them to Heaven with Him where they will be with Him. He states that He is the only way to Heaven.


      6. In reply to message above we will have to agree to disagree for me judge not is essential but I guess not for all and I do not need to be right all the time because judging others feels wrong to me but I am not perfect so again who am I judge


      7. Thanks for your reply. In the Old Testament scriptures, judges were appointed by God, whom is the Holy Judge. There were judgments that called for the death penalty. Christ was, “God with us.” God’s Holy Spirit is present within each born again believer in Christ. We are told by Christ in John 3:3, that we must be born again, so that we will have a spirit that is as righteous as the Spirit of Christ. If we have not been born again, we will come before the Great White Throne Judgment at the end of the Kingdom Age and will be cast into the lake of fire (Rev 20:15). As I said, I am not a judge, but I, as a believer in Christ, have been commissioned to tell others about Christ, to include John 3:3. The Spirit of Christ dwells within my spirit, and without that, I would have an appointment with the Great White Throne Judgment. I wish you well, and invite you to come to saving faith in Christ.


  2. Freedom of choice is everybody’s individual right it is not down to us to judge the choices of another only to know we may have done differently we just have to learn to agree to disagree what if the woman/girl boy or child had been raped repeatedly by male she fell pregnant? Would you judge her? No one will tell you their full personal reasons and even though I wouldn’t do it and it’s not right for me we just need to see not everything is as it first appears
    But at least your article brings forth this subject to debate with


      1. Your speaking from your perspective and from there this forms debate which then whether you agree or not is the way so whether we agree or not live is bigger


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