Churches (?) And Biden “I’m Here To Earn Your Vote”

The opening video of Joe Biden as he speaks from the pulpit of the Royal Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston, S.C.

For years, the message from the pro-abortion industry, and their supporting democrat party, is that an unborn baby is not a living being. The term, ” mass,” was often used to describe an unborn child. However, in today’s world, there is no doubt that an unborn baby is a living human being, having a heart beat, with flowing blood, and can feel pain. The leading Presidential candidate of the Democrat party, Joe Biden, is an unrepentant supporter of abortion. Yet, he speaks at churches (?). There is a major disconnect in the word “church,” as it relates to people who meet weekly in a building, and sing songs about Christ, yet have no problem with with allowing an avowed abortion supporter to speak from their pulpit. There is a verse of scripture that relates to people who allow Democrat political candidates to speak from their pulpits.

Acts 17:30 King James Version (KJV)
30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:

Joe Biden has a history of speaking from the pulpits of ungodly churches (?), where he seeks their votes. The true church is “the born again body of believers in Christ.” No one who supports abortion, in any way, is a believer in Christ; they have not been born again, having God’s Holy Spirit dwelling within their spirit, prompting them to righteousness. The pastors of such “churches (?)” should be fired. The people who fill those churches (?) are in danger of standing in line for the events of Rev 20:15, which will be that of being cast into the lake of fire. Such “assumed to be christians” are leading their children with them to the lake of fire, by not having them sitting under the teaching of a true born again Pastor, who will not allow pro-abortion politicians to speak from their pulpits.

I saw a sign outside of a true church, which read, “Don’t sing, ‘Oh, how I love Jesus,’ on Sunday, and then vote for a Democrat.”

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14 thoughts on “Churches (?) And Biden “I’m Here To Earn Your Vote””

  1. My beloved brother or sister in Christ… Republicans did nothing to stop abortion when they had control of all branches of the govt.
    Both parties are complicit in the death of millions both in and out of the womb.
    Voting one controlled individual over another controlled individual because of the label behind their name is madness.
    Preach the Gospel, lovingly confront the church “pastors” and the church goers by showing them where they’re going astray.
    Church discipline isn’t confined within the walls of a single church…


    1. Thank you. I am a brother (lol). The democrat party platform calls for unlimited abortion on demand. Each democrat candidate supports abortion on demand. The democrats in the house and senate have blocked legislation, in relation to abortion and infanticide, that were initiated by republicans to protect the unborn and newly born. The Democrat party supports the killing of unborn babies, up to birth; Democratic voters also support their death agenda, as shown by their votes. I follow current events closely each day. provides a lot of good information on issues that relate to the unborn, the disabled and the elderly, and how there is a move to not protect their lives. Killing unborn babies is against God’s Word. I can not neglect writing in relation to a party that has made abortion, same sex marriage, the removal of U.S. borders, and a lack of support for Israel, their common ungodly agenda. Exodus 1:16, 22 and Matt 2:16 relate to killing little babies. That situation is the direction that the democrat party has taken, and not the republican party; I will continue to write on such issues. A person who supports abortion on demand has not been born again; Rev 20:15 awaits them. My desire is to get such people to look at their lives and come to saving faith in Christ, which will cause them to change their support of the killing of unborn babies.


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