Revelation 14 – The Song Of The 144,000 – The Angels’ Messages

I. Video Data. 

Who are the 144,000, and what power has God given to them?John Ankerberg Show. From the series, “Revelation: The Last Words of Jesus,” featuring Drs. Ron Rhodes, Ed Hindson, and Mark Hitchcock.

II. Introduction.

Dr. John F. Walvoord  (Th. B., Th. M., Th. D., 1910-2002). Revelation Commentary, 1974.

Chapter 14 brings to a conclusion the material found in the section of chapters 12 through 14. Chapter 12 deals with the important characters of the period, chapter 13 with the wicked rulers of the period, and chapter 14 with the ultimate triumph of Christ. All of this material is not chronological but prepares the way for the climax which begins in chapter 15. Chapter 14 consists of a series of pronouncements and visions assuring the reader of the ultimate triumph of Christ and the judgment of the wicked. Much of the chapter is prophetic of events that have not yet taken place, but which are now impending. The chapter begins with the assurance that the Lamb will ultimately stand in triumph on Mount Zion with his followers, and it concludes with a series of pronouncements of judgments upon the wicked.

III. Scripture Text.

Revelation 14. New American Standard Bible (NASB 1995). Pasted from Bible Gateway.

IV. Examination.  

Dr. Charles C. Ryrie (Th. M., Th. D., Ph. D.; 1925-2016). Ryrie Study Bible, 1986, 1995.

A. 14:1. “the Lamb.” I.e., Christ. “one hundred and forty-four thousand.” Evidently, the same group introduced in 7:4, though now their work on earth is finished and they are in heaven.

B. 14:4. “not … defiled with women.” This may simply mean that the 144,000 were unmarried, or it may indicate their state of separation unto God (cf. 2 Cor 11:2). “first fruits.” The salvation of the 144,000 will precede the salvation of a larger group of Israelites, who will turn to the Lord at the end of the Tribulation (cf. Isa 2:3; Rom 11:15).

C. 14:6. “an eternal gospel to preach.” God’s last call of grace before the return of Christ in judgment.

D. 14:8. “fallen is Babylon.” This fall is described in detail in chaps 17-18. For “Babylon,” see 17:5. (My note, “a mystery, BABYLON,” NASB. vs “MYSTERY BABYLON,” KJV.) 

E. 14:10-13. The wicked will be tormented in the lake of fire forever, with no hope or annihilation or restoration. In contrast, the righteous will have rest forever.

F. 14:12. Saints will be able to endure, knowing that God will punish their enemies (vv 9-11). 

G. 14:20. Apparently, a reference to Armageddon (16:16, cf, 19:17-19), when the blood from the slaughter will flow 180 miles (290 km), to the depth of about 4.5  ft (1.3 m). The blood of horses added to that of the large armies of human soldiers could easily cause such an enormous river of blood.

V. Reinforcement. 

A. Dr. Robert H. Mounce (Th. M., Ph. D., December 30, 1921 – January 24, 2019). The Book Of Revelation, The New International Commentary On The New Testament, 1977.

In order to keep before his readers the ultimate reward of their endurance, the author of Revelation intersperses glimpses of final blessedness among his presentations of judgment. The detailed description of the beast and the false prophet in the preceding chapter was a somber reminder of what lay in the immediate future. A note of encouragement is in order. John moves quickly beyond the storm about to break to the bright morning of eternity when the Lamb and his followers stand in the heavenly Zion with the anthem of redemption everywhere sounding like the roar of a mighty waterfall and the echo of thunder.

B. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost (Th. B., Th. D.; 1915-2014) Things To Come, 1958, pp 301.

“They are seen before the throne” (Rev 14;3). The destiny of this remnant is the kingdom over which Christ will rule from the “throne of David.” These promises are not heavenly,  but earthly, and will be fulfilled in the millennium.

C. Scofield Study Bible. 1909, 1917, 1937, 1945, 1984, 1998, 2002, 2006 (Editor, C.I. Scofield, D.D., 1843-1921. Editorial Revision 1967 Committee Members: Charles L. Feinberg, Th. B., Th. M., Th. D., Ph. D.; John. F. Walvoord, Th. B., Th., M., Th. D.).

Concerning Revelation 14:6, “eternal gospel.”

1. The Gospel of the kingdom. This is the good news that God purposes to set up on the earth, in fulfilment of the Davidic Covenant 2 Samuel 7:16, a kingdom, political, spiritual, Israelitish, universal, over which God’s Son, David’s heir, shall be King, and which shall be, for one thousand years, the manifestation of the righteousness of God in human affairs..

2.. Two preachings of this Gospel are mentioned, one past, beginning with the ministry of John the Baptist, continued by our Lord and His disciples, and ending with the Jewish rejection of the King. The other is yet future Matthew 24:14 during the great tribulation, and immediately preceding the coming of the King in glory.

VI. Ryrie cross references for verses that have no examination.

A. 14:2. Rev 1:15; 6:1; 5:8.

B. 14:3. Rev 5:9; 4:6; 4:4; 2:17; 7:4; 14:1.

C. 14:5. Ps 32:2; Zeph 3:13; Mal 2:6; John 1:47; 1 Pet 2:22; Heb 9:14; 1 Pet 1:19; Jude 24.

D. 14:7. Rev 15:4; 11:13; 4:11; 8:10.

E. 14:9. Rev 13:12; 14:11; 13:14; 13:16.

F. 14:14. Matt 17:5; Dan 7:13; Rev 1:13; Ps 21:3; Rev 6:2.

G. 14:15. Rev 11:19; 14:17; 15:6; 16:17; Joel 3:13; Mark 4:29; Rev 14:18; Jer 51:33; Matt 13:39-41.

H. 14:16. N/A

I. 14:17. Rev 11:19; 14:15; 15:6; 16:17.

J. 14:18. Rev 16:8; 6:9; 8:3; Joel 3:13; Mark 4:29; Rev 14:15.

K. 14:19. Isa 63:21; Rev 19:15.

VII.  My Bucket List shows the references, of people and documents, that I use when I write my articles.

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