Revelation Prophecy – Chapter 7

I. Video Data 1.

Who are the 144,000, and what power has God given to them? 

II. Overview.

A. In chapter seven, the 144,000 are sealed by God, set apart to a special ministry, before the great tribulation begins. They seem to be sealed at the very outset of the tribulation period. In all probability the multitude of Gentiles, described in the passage that follows (Rev 7 :9-17), has come to a knowledge of salvation through the ministry of this group. In Chapter 14, the same group is pictured at the termination of the tribulation, when the kingdom is established. 2

B. Chapter 7 comes as a parenthesis between the sixth and seventh seals — a stylistic feature repeated in the trumpet sequence (10:1-11:13) but not with the bowls (cf. 16:12-11). It is not intended to take the reader back to a time before the Four Horsemen are released in order to parallel the trumpets with the seals. It contrasts the security and blessedness which await the faithful with the panic of a pagan world fleeting from judgment. In a sense it answers the question just posed, “Who is able to stand?” (6:17). 3      

C. The first interlude of the book develops the contrast between the peril of the godless inhabitants of the earth and God’s faithful. The former would experience desperation and destruction, while the latter would enjoy protection on earth and exhilarating worship in heaven. Four angels were commissioned to delay the winds of judgment until God’s bond-servants would be sealed for protection. The “seal” indicates God’s ownership and thus protection by God. No more judgment would be exacted against the earth until their safety was assured. These can stand the wrath of the Lamb because they are rightly related to the Father and bear His seal upon their foreheads. They appear in stark contrast to those who are later seen as identifying with the beast by accepting his mark (13:16).   4 

D. In contrast to chapter 6 which seems to give the chronological sequence of major events of the great tribulation, chapter 7 does not advance the narrative but directs attention to two major groups of saints in the tribulation. The opening portion of the chapter pictures the 144,000, which are representative of the Godly remnant of Israel on earth in the great tribulation. The latter part of the chapter describes a great multitude of martyred dead in heaven, those who died as a testimony to their faith from every kindred, tongue, and nation.  5 

E . The Slaves Of God. 6

1. Those On Earth: The 144,000 (7:1-8). The assertion that no one will survive the crescendo of God’s wrath, as implied in the question of panic-stricken humanity (617), is corrected by two new visions injected after the conclusion of the sixth seal. The first pictures angelic actions of restraint and sealing 

2. Those In Heaven: The Innumerable Multitude (7:9-17). The second picture injected under the sixth seal (cf. 6:17) has its setting in heaven. This group, like the 144,000, is unhurt by the effects of God’s wrath, but for a different reason. They have, at this point, been removed from the earthly scene of the wrath and have no need of protective sealing. Someone might ask, “Are the 144,000 the only ones who have maintained their composure under the first six seals?” This vision responds to such a question negatively. A vast throng has turned to God during this period and have now passed into His immediate presence through death.

III. Scripture Text. 7

IV. Verse Examination. 8

A. 7:3. The judgments are delayed until these 144,000 Jewish people can be “sealed;” i.e., protected supernaturally.

B. 7:4. “one hundred and forty-four thousand.” These are Jews from the 12 tribes (12,000 each) who are protected in order to perform service for God during those days.

C. 7:9. “a great multitude.” This magnitude is composed of many racial and geographic groups who will be redeemed during the Tribulation (v. 14). In those difficult days, many will find Christ as Savior. 

D. 7:15-17. Having died or been martyred during the Tribulation, this great multitude are seen in heaven enjoying the blessings. 

V. Summary

In this seventh chapter of Revelation we considered: 1. An angel seals the servants of God in their foreheads. 4. The number that were sealed. 9. A countless multitude of the redeemed in heaven ascribe salvation to God and the Lamb. 13. The glory and happiness of those who came out of great tribulation.

VI. Footnotes.

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