Daniel Prophecy – Chapter 7

What does the book of Daniel tell us about the Antichrist?

I. Video Data. I. Video Data. John Ankerberg Show. Dr. John Ankerberg,  (M. Div., D. Min.), (Dr. Jimmy DeYoung (M. Div., Ph. D., 1940-2021).

II. Overview.

Dr. John F. Walvoord (Th. B., Th. M., Th. D., 1910-2002) Daniel Commentary.

A. In the interpretation of biblical prophecy, the seventh chapter of Daniel occupies a unique place. As interpreted by conservative expositors, the vision of Daniel provides the most comprehensive and detailed prophecy of future events to be found anywhere in the Old Testament. Although its interpretation has varied widely, conservative scholars generally are agreed, with few exceptions, that Daniel traces the course of four great world empires, namely, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, concluding in the climax of world history in the second coming of Jesus Christ and the inauguration of the eternal kingdom of God, represented as a fifth and final kingdom which is from heaven.

B. Interpreted in this way, the chapter forms a major outline of future events to which additional details are given later in the book of Daniel and in the New Testament, especially in the Revelation. Such a panorama of future events is of great importance to the student of prophecy, as it provides a broad outline to which all other prophetic events may be related. Conservative interpreters are agreed that this is genuine prophecy, that it is futuristic, that is, related to future events from Daniel’s point of view, and that its culmination is in the kingdom which Christ brings.

III. Scripture Text. Daniel Chapter 7. See the following link which was pasted from Bible Gateway.

IV. Verse Examination. Dr. Charles C. Ryrie (Th. M., Th. D., Ph. D.; 1925-2016) Ryrie Study Bible. 

A.  7:1. “In the first year of Belshazzar = 553 B.C., that is 14 years before the fall of Babylon described in chap 5.

B. 7:3. “four great beasts.” Representing the rulers of the four world empires previously described in chap 2 (cf 7:17). 

C. 7:4. “like a lion…eagle.” Both symbols (of strength and speed, respectively) were used of Babylon (cf Jer 4:7, 13). 

D. 7:5. “resembling a bear.” A symbol of the Medo-Persian Empire, known for its strength and fierceness in battle (cf Isa 13:17-18). “raised up one on one side” indicates the superiority of the Persians in the empire. “three ribs” may represent three major conquests: Lydia (546), Babylon (539), and Egypt (525).

E. 7:6. “like a leopard.” Representing the Greek Empire under Alexander the Great. After his death the empire had “four heads,” i.e., Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Macedonia (cf 8:8.)

F. 7:7-8. “a fourth beast.” Rome. The 10 horns are explained in verse 24, and the little horn (Antichrist) in verses 24-25. 

G. 7:9. “Ancient of Days.” A reference to God as Judge (cf Isa 57 :15). 

H. 7:13-14. This is the first reference to Messiah as “Son of Man,” a title of our Lord used of  Himself often. See note on Matt 8:20 [The title “Son of God” is Jesus’s divine name (Mt 8:29). “Son of David,” His Jewish name (Mt 9:27), but “Son of Man” is the name that links Him to the earth and to His mission. It was His favorite designation to Himself (used more than 80 times) and was based on Dan 7:13-14. It emphasizes (1) His lowliness and humanity (Mt 8:20), (2) His suffering and death (Lk 19:10), and (3) His future reign as King (Mt 24:27).] At His second coming He will have “dominion” over this world.

I. 7:18. These “saints” probably include believers of all ages, and possibly angels. 

J. 7:24-27. Antichrist will march to power by subduing three of the 10 nations (v 24), will blaspheme  God (v 25), will try in some way to change times and laws in order to promote his anti-Christian program (v 25), and will persecute God’s saints (v 25) for the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.

K. 7:24. The final form of the Roman world power will be a confederation of 10 nations who will arise simultaneously in the tribulation days.

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