About Issues, Personalities And Responsible Parenting

This blog will address issues that relate to the Constitution, law, common decency and righteousness. When personalities, such as those in the arenas of politics, academia, entertainment, news and information, and less than “true faith in Christ,” are acting in ways that adversely affect the Constitution, law, common decency and righteousness, those personalities and situations will be exposed. Anyone whom has a pattern of living such ungodly lifestyles is a threat to our children, our families and our nation; they must not be allowed to continue with such destructive actions and ways of life. So, they must be publicly shamed!

Parents have the responsibility of shielding their children from people whom pass on lies to the many vulnerable children in our world. Parents have the responsibility of being “responsible” with their actions and words in the presence of their children. Parents are responsible for providing their children with surroundings of righteousness; this may actually take some serious thought, but, “they’re only your children.” Consider the following story of responsible parenting.

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