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The Equipping Blog addresses issues that are relative to The United States Of America and the Nation Of Israel. Articles will be found that relate to the founding and making of the United States Of America. Also found in this blog will be writings of the Jews. Consistent with a study of the Nation Of Israel, is a study of the Jews of all times and places. There will be posts that relate to the people of Israel, in relation to their having been forced from their home land, and their return to the land that Jews believe to be their promised land of God. The belief of the Jews, as to their sovereign land of present time and that of all eternity, is common among many people who recognize Christ as the Messiah. Thanks for being a friend. Please follow my Equipping blog. https://equippingblog.wordpress.com/

Various sources of information will be used throughout this blog, e.g., as cultural, current events, historical, religious, and any other category of information that may be deemed to be appropriate.

This Equipping Blog is not a religious blog. The term, “religion,” has been shown to relate to groups of people whom are attempting to gain favor with their gods. They attempt to attain grace with their particular god, so that they might spend their after-life in a state of which they have no knowledge, but which they believe to be an eternity of paradise. These groups of people do not have an assurance of that which is required of them to find their eternity in such a place of bliss. To the contrary, Christians and Jews view their eternal state to be with God, based on a relationship with God. It is impossible to discuss matters that relate to Jews or Christians, without making reference to the documents that relate to their understanding of God. Because there are so many significant current day world events that relate to Jews and Christians, articles will be written that relate to those groups of people.

A discussion on religion, and religions, is provided by the following link.


Religion is a collection of cultural systems, beliefs and world views that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. While religion is hard to define, one standard model of religion, used in religious studies courses, was proposed by Clifford Geertz, who simply called it a “cultural system.”

It is important to state that neither Judaism, nor Christianity, are cultural systems, as is stated above. Judaism and Christianity are not religions.

The following link shows a list of the largest religions in the world. Unfortunately, Christianity is shown as being a religion, which is false. Fortunately, Judaism is not shown in the list, which of course is due to the fact that there are fewer numbers of Jews in our world than are found in most religions.


Largest religions – Worldwide percentage of Adherents by Religion, 2010[28]

Christianity (31.5%); Islam (23.2%); Irreligion (16.3%); Hinduism (15.0%); Buddhism (7.1%)

To say that someone is a “religious person,” means that such a person does certain things, in certain ways, at certain places and times, to attain acceptance in the eyes of “their god.” However, Jews and Christians do not view such ritualism as being paths to God.

This blog may address issues that relate to “religions.” Issues may also be addressed that relate to Jews and Christians.


77 thoughts on “About Equipping Blog

  1. Your post on Parents! Teach your children-The Declaration of Independence July 4,1776 was really good it gave me goose bumps and is very important for children to know. I look forward to reading more! Thank you for following me on honeybeewhisper 😊

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  2. Thank you for following my blog…I have read a couple of your posts and they are very informative and in-depth…I hope you enjoy my rather light-hearted look and sometimes opinionated ( I have) the occasional rant…lol.. outlook on life and health with recipes 🙂 Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  3. Thank you for taking the time to read and follow my blog. You have a lot of God given wisdom and I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future. Take care!
    Thank you for your many years in serving our country!


  4. Equipping – thank you for following my humble blog. As I look through yours, I am uncertain how my simple, personal, thought processes will relate to your obviously highly intelligent views. I am so looking forward to learning all you have to teach!
    btw, I have never considered Judaism or Christianity to be religions. They are ordained by God, not man-made as many religions are.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think that I am far behind most people. as it relates to IQ. I am, however, persistent in all that I do. God has been very faithful in putting very smart men and women in my path that have given me ideas upon ideas.


  5. Thanks for following my blog. I fear you may find material there that does not accord with your world view as I interpret it from this post. However, you are very welcome to read any, all or none of my posts and I hope you engage by commenting.


    1. Thanks for your kind words; I am pleased to also have you as a follower. There are many of my followers that may, or may not, have an understanding of Scripture, such as I do. I will be glad to check out your articles. Please have a very good day.


  6. I am an educator and a Christian. I also served in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. We have a few things in common. 🙂 Your comments on Christianity and Judaism not being religions but relationship with God and Jesus is superb. I wish more people understood that. I look forward to diving into your blog. Thank you for putting in the time and hard work.

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  7. This is new to me but I found you because you found me and I must say I’m very impressed and interested in “Equipping” along with Judaism and Christianity being of vital important to me and my faith in God! Thank you for being here and I look forward to much edification and enlightenment on this journey! Peace! Lawrence Morra

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. The series of articles on Judaism and Christianity is one that probably will never end. I really don’t know if I have enough days in my life to write all that i think should be made know to the people of the world. Nothing morbid, just reality.


  8. Hey, I appreciate your comments. I will try to give you a good answer. Words are very important. In John 4:24, the King James Version says that God is “a spirit.” If that statement were true, it would be saying that God is “one of many gods;” which is not true. The translations that were printed after the KJV say that God is “Spirit,” which makes Him unique, one of a kind, not of any other kind, only one true God. It has been said that Christianity and Judaism are two of the great world religions, which would make them with the validity of “all of the other religions” of the world. Judaism and Christianity are based on a relationship with God, and not having to do anything, at any place, on any particular time or day of the week, in an effort to appease “a god,” in order to find a way “to God.” I said that “Religion” is based on cultural things. Those whom are born again believers in Christ have a relationship which dismisses the requirements for meeting at certain places and times and days of the week, per John 4:24, but is based on a worship of “in spirit and truth,” with is due to a relationship with Christ, as opposed to John 4:21, where a certain place was negated. I hope that I have answered your question satisfactorily. Btw, when Christ was talking to a Jewish audience in John 3:3, he told them that in order to see the Kingdom of God, that “you must be born again..” That was also the statement of the Jewish prophet Ezekiel, Ez 36:24-29, 587 B.C.,and the Apostle Paul, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 60 A,D, Please have a very good day.


  9. “It is important to state that neither Judaism, nor Christianity, are cultural systems, as is stated above. Judaism and Christianity are not religions.”
    I was shocked when I first learned (2013-14) that Christianity was not a religion. I’m learning more about prophesy lately too. I’m glad to have found your blog. It’s very interesting what’s happening around the world today. God’s Word is true and His people are first the Jewish people…the land of Israel is the land of promise. We are blessed to be grafted in and be granted an inheritance through the precious blood of Jesus. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for reading my blog as well. Be blessed!

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  10. May we remark that perhaps is mentioned here Christianity where is mainly meant Christendom, that being a mixture of Christianity, those that follow the Jewish Nazarene rebbe Jeshua and believe in his God, the God of Abraham Who is Only One, opposite to the different religious people who call themselves Christian but have made Jesus into their god, and worship a Trinity.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Let me encourage you to read the Equipping Page, About Equipping Blog, the second paragraph. John 3:3. Btw, it’s good to hear from you again. I wish you well.


    2. I forgot to make this comment. Scripture teaches “God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.” Christ is shown to be “God with us in many passages. I trust that you will have a good evening. Thanks for being a friend.

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  11. Hi 🙂

    I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately; I hope you don’t mind me posting a comment here (you can always delete this comment…). I noticed that your Gravatar doesn’t link to your blog. This makes it more difficult for others to find you. Please take a look at my blog post linked below, which explains the easy steps you can take to fix this 🙂


    Happy blogging!

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