As For Me

As for me, I have no ax to grind, but “the ax of truth.” My grandparents were poor and uneducated. When the great depression of 1929 occurred, my grandfather was twenty-five years old, my grandmother was twenty-one, and my mother was three years old. As a family they were share croppers, which meant that they worked the fields of other people. My mother would help in picking the fields (that would be child abuse today) for cotton, peas, beans, corn, and anything else that would make money for them, or give them food to eat. They would farm in Florida in the winter time, and farm in Georgia during the summer months. My grandfather would hunt and fish for food, in addition to the food that they would take from the ground. As with almost all of my family, they were Democrats. My grandfather used to talk about “Hoover Days,” and thought that FDR was the poor man’s President. Myself, I am neither Democrat, nor Republican. I don’t even like the term “Independent,” because after a political debate, there is always a line that shows up on the tv screen that shows Independents as “being a line” that hangs helplessly in the air between Democrats and Republicans. My father was a merchant seaman, union member and Democrat. He was in the United States Army Air Corps in the second world war, and was stationed in the Philippines, not far from the base where I was assigned during the Vietnam War; he was also assigned to a base in New Guinea. My mother was a homemaker (that is higher than a Ph. D.). She also had jobs, but was always at home whenever my brother, sister and I would come home from school. When I started school, first grade was “first.” My SAT score was “808,” “ouch!” During the year before Jimmie Davis became the Democrat Governor of the state where my family resided, he recorded “Suppertime.” San Nunn was a Democrat Senator of the state where I resided at the time of my military retirement; he flew an American flag over our nation’s capitol, on the day that I retired, in honor of my military service. That flag is now in my retirement shadow box, which also has ribbons and medals, of which I know nothing about the significance of most of them. If a funeral procession approaches me, I stop my car and pray for the grieving family members. If I am at a parade, and see the American flag being carried toward me, I stand at attention, remove my hat and place it over my heart, and remain standing at attention until the flag passes by. I love “Mom, home and apple pie.” I believe that the United States of America is the best nation that has ever existed. I believe in God (Elohim) as the creator of our world, and try to honor Christ as my Lord and Savior. I love and respect those whom may neither love nor respect me.

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