Bucket List

A. Study Tools.

I have found the following study tools to be of great value for my own understanding of God’s Word, and encourage any serious student of God’s Word to use these same resources. My days are spent studying the following books and video teachings for each article that I write. I have my own ideas on God’s written Word, but am constantly drawn to the contributions of the following theologians and resources in relation to Biblical exegesis and hermeneutics, and often use such to support and strengthen the things that I write.

1. Dr. Andrew M. Woods, The Coming Kingdom You Tube Series, and his book, The Coming Kingdom.

2. Ryrie Study Bible, Basic Theology, Dispensationalism, Survey Of Bible Doctrine.

3. Scofield Study Bible.

4. Things To Come, J. Dwight Pentecost.

5. Robert L. Thomas Revelation Commentary.

6. John F. Walvoord Commentaries: Daniel, Matthew, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Revelation, Every Prophecy Of The Bible, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

7. The Moody Bible Commentary.

8. The Bible Knowledge Commentary, OT And NT.

9. New American Commentary, OT And NT.

10. Merrill F. Unger: Commentary On The Gospels, Bible Dictionary.

11. David Hocking Commentaries: Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation.

12. John Phillips Commentaries: Ephesians, Philippians, Revelation.

13. Holman Commentary Sets: Old Testament and New Testament.

14. The New International Commentary On The New Testament.

15. The Pulpit Commentary: Old Testament and New Testament.

16. Orville J. Nave: Study Bible, Topical Bible.

17. Key Word Study Bible, Hebrew-Greek.

18. Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.

19. David H. Stern, Complete Jewish Bible.

20. Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King: The Experiencing God Study Bible, Experiencing God companion.

21. Harold L. Wilmington: The Outline Bible, Old Testament And New Testament Study, The King Is Coming.

22. David Jeremiah: The Jeremiah Study Bible, Escaping The Coming Night, Agents Of The Apocalypse.

23. The Apologetics Study Bible (HCSB).

24. Liberty Commentary Bible.

25. Study Bibles: NASB, HCSB.

26. The Holman Illustrated Study Bible.

27. F. LaGard Smith The Narrated Bible (In Chronological Order).

28. Ron Rhodes, 40 Days Through Daniel, 40 Days Through Revelation, Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses.

29. Herbert Lockyer, All The Messianic Prophecies Of The Bible.

30. Steven W. Waterhouse, Outline Guide To Bible Doctrine.

31. Norman L. Geisler, Systematic Theology.

32. Grant R. Jeffrey, Countdown To The Apocalypse.

33. Bill Salus: Now, Next, and Last Prophecies

34. Arthur G. Patzia, The Making Of The New Testament.

35. George W. Knight, The Names Of God.

36. John B. Polhill, Paul And His Letters.

37. Roy B. Zuck and Darrell L. Bock, A Biblical Theology Of The New Testament.

38. Ed Hindson and Thomas Ice, Charting The Bible Chronologically.

39. Alfred Edersheim, The Temple.

40. Barry E. Horner, Future Israel.

41. R. Kent Hughes, Ephesians Commentary.

42. Gene Getz, Elders And Leaders.

43. Tim LaHaye, Revelation.

44. The Works Of Josephus, Translated By William Whiston.

45. Got Questions (dot org).

Video Teaching:

1. Dr. Andy Woods.

2. Dr. David Hocking.

3. Senior Pastor Paul LeBoutillier, Calvary Chapel, Ontario, Oregon

4. Dr. John Ankerberg

5. Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

6. Dr. Dr. Mark Hitchcock

7. Dr. Ron Rhodes

8. Dr. Ed Hindson

9. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

10. Dr. Michael Rydelnik

11. Dr. Mitch Glaser

B. Bible Translators and Translations.

I have spent many hours watching videos of translators who have discussed the processes of putting the words of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into the many languages of the world. I am amazed at the expertise and sincerity of the translators, as they have explained their attempt to make each Bible translation understandable, and true to the manuscripts from which they have been given such a task. I have learned of the value of the following Bibles translations, which come from the oldest and most reliable manuscripts. I have a good report for each of the translation teams of: 1. Holman Christian Standard Bible. 2. New American Standard Bible.

C. My Favorite Translators.

These are my favorite translators, all of whom are Ph. D. Kenneth L. Barker, Kenneth Boa, Darrell Bock, Charles L. Feinberg, Gene A. Getz, Harold Hoehner, Walter C. Kaiser, Michael Kruger, Eugene H. Merrill, William Mounce, Charles Ryrie, Robert L. Thomas, Michael V. Vanlaningham, Daniel Wallace, Donald Wilkins, Arnold Fruchtenbaum. There are other translators, Th. D., and Th. M., for whom I also have great respect.

D. References.

1. The following individuals have proven themselves to be scholars of the subjects that are addressed in this blog. Each person’s educational levels vary. However, peer respect is present for each of the people that are listed. Depending on each individual that is identified in the list of scholars, more or less amplifying information is provided. All of us have read something that someone else has written. Therefore, it is important for us to choose authors whom have proven themselves to be worthy of gaining our attention.

2. Knowledge is key to the success of any society. Today, many college students and graduates are highly ignorant of basic facts of education, especially of the founding of our country and of the government that has been commissioned by our constitution to impartially govern our country. The lack of knowledge has not “just arrived!” Consider the words of the Jewish Prophet, Hosea. Check the date of the writing.

3. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6, 785 B.C., JPS Tanakh 1917, NAS 1977).

4. This page, which contains scholarly references, is under construction, and will continually have sources of information added to it.

5. Beneath this list of sources is another list, which relates to theologians whom I have found to be very knowledgeable in the subjects of the end times, and will also include many of the names that immediately follow. The second list also includes detailed ministry accomplishments of each individual.

John Ankerberg (M.Div., D.Min.)
Kenneth L. Barker (B.A., Th.M., Ph.D.)
Edwin A. Blum (D.Theol, Th.M. Th.D.)
David L. Cooper (Th.M., Ph.D., Litt.D)
William Lane Craig (B.A., M.A., Ph.D., D. Theol.)
Jimmy DeYoung (Th.D., Ph.D.)
Charles H. Dyer (B.A., Th.M., Ph.D.)
Michael J. Easley (B.S.Ed., Th.M.., D.Min.)
Charles L. Feinberg (B.A., M.A., Th.B., Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D.)
Gary Frazier (D.D., Ph.D.)
Paul David Freed (Ph.D.)
Arnold Fruchtenbaum (B.A.,Th.M.,Ph.D.)
Kenneth O. Gangel (B.A., M.A., M.Div., S.T.M., Ph.D., Litt.D.)

Mitch Glaser (M. Div., Ph. D.)
Norman Geisler (B.A., Th. M., Ph.D.)
Gene A. Getz (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.)
John D. Grassmick (B.A., Th.M., Ph.D.)
Ed Hindson (Th.D., D.Phil.)
Mark Hitchcock (J.D., Th.M., Ph.D.)
David Hocking (M.Div., Ph.D.)
Zane C. Hodges (B.A., Th.M.)
Harold W. Hoehner (Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D.)
Tom Hughes, Pastor
Thomas Ice (Th.M., Ph.D.)
Grant Jeffrey (Th.M., Ph.D.)
David Jeremiah (Th. M, D.D.)
Walter Kaiser (Ph.D., B.D.)
George L. Klein (Th.M., Ph.D.)
John Kessler (M.Div., D. Min.)
John R.Kohlenberger, III ((Th.B., M.A.)
Tim LaHaye (D. Min., Litt.D.)
F. Duane Lindsey (Th.M., Th.D.)
Hal Lindsey (Th.M., Th.D.)
Robert P. Lightner (Th.B.; Th.D.; M.L.A.)
David k. Lowery (B.A., Th.M.; Ph.D.)
Paige Patterson (B.A., Th.D., Ph.D.)
J. Dwight Pentecost (Th.M., Th.D.)
Richard Polcyn (Th.M.)
John B. Polhill (M.Div., Ph.D.)
Ron Rhodes (Th.M., Th.D.)
Charles C. Ryrie (Th.D, Ph.D.)
Michael Rydelnik (Th.M., D.Miss.)
Bill Salus, Author
Gary E. Schnittjer (B.S., Th.M., Ph. D.)
Thomas R. Schreiner B.S., M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D.
C.I. Scofield (D.D)
Renald Showers (B.A., Th.D.)
James Strong (D.D., LL.D)
Robert L. Thomas (B.M.E., Th.M., Th.D.)
Frank Charles Thompson (D.D., Ph.D.)
Elmer L. Towns (B.S., M.A., Th.M., MRE., D.Min.)
Bill Thrasher (Th.M., Th.D.)
Merrill F. Unger (A.B., Th.M., Th. D., Ph.D.)
Jerry Vines (B.A., B.D., Th.D.)
Daniel B. Wallace (B.A., Th.M., Ph.D.)
John F. Walvoord (B.A., M.A., Th.M., Th.D., D.D., Litt.D.)
John Whitcomb (B.A., B.D., Th.M, Th.D.)
Robert N.(Bob) Wilkin (B.S., Th.M., Ph.D.)
Don Wilkins (B.A., M.Div., Th.M., M.A., Ph.D.)
Harold L. Willmington (D.Min.)
Andy Woods (Th.M., J.D., Ph.D.)
Roy Zuck (A.B., Th.M., Th.D.)
And others

6. Biographical data on sources that have I have found to have a strong understanding of the end times.

The following scholars provide documents, videos, and other teaching aids that relate to the teaching of Israel, the end times, and the overall focus of this blog. Each contributor has been proven to be a supporter of Israel. They believe that “the church is the church,” and “Israel is Israel.” They believe that the biblical blessings and promises that are written in Scripture that relate to Israel have not been given to the church. The Church has not replaced Israel. Israel is a nation; the church is not! As a believer in Christ, I must make known the biblical truth about Israel and the Church. In this biographical listing of sources, there are also links that relate to ministries, without listing all of the the names that relate to each particular ministry.

Jan Markell, https://www.olivetreeviews.org/about

John Ankerberg, https://www.jashow.org/about-the-john-ankerberg-show/

Kenneth L. Barker, https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/39632.Kenneth_L_Barker

Edwin A. Blum https://www.moodypublishers.com/authors/b/edwin-blum/

Christ In Prophecy. Lamb And Lion Ministries., https://christinprophecy.org/staff/dr-david-r-reagan/

David L. Cooper, http://promisestoisrael.org/category/david-l-cooper/

Bob Cornuke, https://baseinstitute.org/about/bob-cornuke-biography/

William Lane Craig, https://www.reasonablefaith.org/william-lane-craig/

Jimmy DeYoung, http://jimmydeyoung.com/aboutdrd.shtml

Charles H. Dyer, https://www.moodypublishers.com/authors/d/charles-dyer/

Michael J. Easley, https://michaelincontext.com/about/

Charles L. Feinberg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_L._Feinberg

Gary Frazier, https://garyfrazier.com/about/

Paul David Freed, http://mightymen.org/pdfbio.php

Arnold Fruchtembaum, https://www.ariel.org/about/dr-fruchtenbaum

Kenneth O. Gangel, https://christianuniversity.org/professors/dr-kenneth-o-gangel/

Norman L. Geisler, https://www.biblegateway.com/blog/2019/07/dr-norman-geisler-1932-2019/

Gene A. Getz, https://bibleprinciples.org/about-gene/

Al Gist, http://www.maranathaevangelisticministries.com/

Phillip Goodman, Director of Bible Prophecy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

John D. Grassmick, https://voice.dts.edu/contributor/john-d-grassmick/

Ed Hindson, http://thekingiscoming.com/about-dr-ed-hindson/
Ed Hindson is the Bible Teacher on The King Is Coming telecast. He is also the Assistant Chancellor, Distinguished Professor, and Dean of the Institute of Biblical Studies and the School of Religion at Liberty University in Virginia.

Mark Hitchcock, http://marklhitchcock.com/about/
Mark Hitchcock is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor, and adjunct faculty member of the Dallas Theological Seminary.

David Hocking, https://www.davidhocking.org/aboutdavid.php

Zane C. Hodges, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zane_C._Hodges

Harold W. Hoehner, https://christianuniversity.org/professors/dr-harold-w-hoehner/
https://www.ebay.com/ (Harold W. Hoehner)

Tom Hughes https://412church.org/

Thomas Ice, http://www.bibleprophecyblog.com/p/thomas-ice.html

Terry James, Prohecy Line https://terryjamesprophecyline.com/about/

Grant Jeffrey, http://www.raptureready.com/

David Jeremiah, http://www.davidjeremiah.org/site/

John R.Kohlenberger, III, https://www.moodypublishers.com/authors/k/john-kohlenberger/

Tim LaHaye, http://leftbehind.com/

Zola Levitt, https://www.levitt.com/

Robert P. Lightner, https://drrobertlightner.blogspot.com/

Hal Lindsey, https://www.biblio.com/hal-lindsey/author/490
Harold Lee Lindsey (born November 23, 1929) is an American evangelist and Christian writer. He is a Christian Zionist and dispensationalist author. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree, majoring in the New Testament and early Greek literature.

David K. Lowery, https://voice.dts.edu/contributor/david-k-lowery/

Paige Patterson, https://prabook.com/web/leighton_paige.patterson/284082

J. Dwight Pentecost, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Dwight_Pentecost

Donald Perkins, https://www.according2prophecy.org/bio.html

Richard Polcyn, https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Polcyn/e/B003Y3FGMM%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

John B. Polhill, https://www.galaxie.com/article/sbjt06-3-02
John B. Polhill is the James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Polhill has taught at Southern since 1969. He has written numerous articles and a widely acclaimed commentary on Acts in the New American Commentary.

Dennis Pollock, https://www.spiritofgrace.org/

Pre-Trib Research Center, https://www.pre-trib.org/

Prophecy Line https://terryjamesprophecyline.com/about/

Rapture Ready, https://www.raptureready.com/

David R. Reagan, http://christinprophecy.org/staff/dr-david-r-reagan/
Dave is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in History and Government. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and was granted a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship which he used to attend a Harvard graduate school called The Fletcher School of Law And Diplomacy where he earned two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in International Law and Politics.

Ron Rhodes, http://ronrhodes.org/
Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary (1986). Major: Systematic Theology. Graduated with High Honors.
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (1983). Major: Systematic Theology. Graduated with Honors. Elected to Dean’s List.
B.A., Houston Baptist University (1979). Recipient of the Greek Excellence Award. Chief nominee for the Riverside Scholarship.

Michael Rydelnik, https://michaelrydelnik.org/

Charles Ryrie, Ryrie Study Bible
Charles Ryrie https://www.amazon.com/Charles-Caldwell-Ryrie/e/B001HMRTWW
Charles Ryrie https://www.moodypublishers.com/authors/r/charles-ryrie/

Bill Salus, http://www.prophecydepotministries.net/

Gary Schnittjer, https://cairn.edu/team/gary-schnittjer/

Thomas R. Schreiner, http://www.sbts.edu/academics/faculty/thomas-r-schreiner/

Renald Showers, http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?SpeakerOnly=true&currSection=sermonsspeaker&Keyword=Dr.%5ERenald%5EShowers
Renald Showers is an author and Bible teacher for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry,

Renald Showers


Robert L. Thomas, https://www.theopedia.com/robert-thomas

Elmer L. Towns, https://www.biblesprout.com/articles/bible/marriage-supper-lamb/#ts-fab-bio-below

Merrill F. Unger, https://www.moodypublishers.com/authors/u/merrill-unger/
Merrill Frederick Unger was a Bible commentator, scholar, archaeologist, and theologian. He earned his A.B. and Ph.D. degrees at Johns Hopkins University, and his Th.M and Th.D degrees at Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a prolific writer who authored some 40 books
Author of Unger’s Bible Dictionary, copyright 1957, 1961, 1966 by The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Copyright renewed 1985 by Pearl C. Unger.

Jack Van Impe, https://www.jvim.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Van_Impe

Jerry Vines, https://www.jerryvines.com/about-us/

Daniel B. Wallace, https://danielbwallace.com/

John F. Walvoord, https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/john-f-walvoord/203232/
(1910-2012) long-time president of Dallas Theological Seminary, was one of the most prominent evangelical scholars of his generation. He is considered perhaps the world’s foremost interpreter of biblical prophecy.
Bio – https://bible.org/users/john-f-walvoord

John Whitcomb, https://answersingenesis.org/bios/john-whitcomb/

Robert N. (Bob) Wilkin

Don Wilkins, https://www.christianpublishers.org/apps/webstore/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&sort=newest&query=Don+Wilkins

Harold L. Willmington, https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/lynchburg-va/harold-willmington-8023816

Andy Woods, http://andywoodsministries.org/

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