“Said What?” 3-8-17

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Loretta Lynch Calls for MARCHING, BLOOD and even DEATH in Resistance to Trump in new Facebook Video

So, let’s listen to what our former Democrat Attorney General, under Barack Obama, said to those who oppose our current President. First of all she talked about our freedoms being taken away. I’m sorry, but I haven’t lost a single freedom. Then she talked about using violence to achieve political goals. Not a single Democrat political leader has spoken out against such encouragement for violence. Consider the following videos, which show supporters of our current President being attacked by those who oppose our President. Again, not a single Democrat political leader has spoken out against such violence. This violence has escalated ever since our former President took office. The goal of such liberals is to silence the speech of those who oppose their ideas of abortion on demand, embracing same sex marriage, and allowing no control on illegals entering our country. The election of Donald Trump was based on our constitution. The states elect the President, which protects against election fraud. Cities that harbor illegal aliens allow such people to be counted in each census, which increases the number of members to the electoral college that represent such sanctuary cities and states. By counting illegal aliens in the census count, members of the House of Representatives are increased for such sanctuary cities and states. Illegal aliens have been harbored in California ever since President Reagan allowed illegals to enter that state during his presidency. On the eve of the election of President Obama, he used the phrase, “remake America.” The only way that America can be “remade” is by “unmaking America.” Such a remaking uses such tactics, such as allowing illegal aliens into our country, and changing our religious demographic by flooding our nation with Muslims. There was no question of that “remaking” comment by our liberal media. Neither was a question raised by the media when President Obama said that he was going to have a “redistribution of the wealth,” which is a taking of one person’s assets and giving it to someone else. Our country was made the great country that it has come to be through the Judeo-Christian principles of work ethic, government and law. We were not made great by having our nation’s workers taking a siesta during the workday, or by stopping work for prayers, up to five times each day. Our nation is under attack by those who have no relationship with the God of Christians and Jews. The upcoming mid-term congressional elections are important. If Democrats regain control of either the Senate or House of Representatives, the rights and beliefs of Christians and Jews will definitely come under more attacks by the Democrats, who may assume congressional control, by the liberal media outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, as well as by many liberal newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Regardless of the outcome of the elections, Judeo-Christian beliefs will be attacked by the liberal elements of Hollywood, academia, and many other liberal leftist organizations. Concerning Obama Care, even though you may not have enrolled in one of his insurance programs, you might be surprised to find out how Obama Care has an effect on “you;” it has affected me! Death panels? Don’t count them out!

March 4, Fights at Berkeley CA. Communist Libtards confront Trump Supporters

Trump Supporters in Berkeley, California Attacked as Police, Mostly Standby

Consider Democrat words of violence during the Obama administration.

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