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The Murder Of Six Million Jews – German National Socialism – The Rise of the Nazis – History. National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsiɪzəm, ˈnæt-/), is the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party – officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP)

About Israel Videos: Most of the videos that are posted on this page are done so without commentary. The video speakers are highly educated in the matters of Israel, and have proven themselves to be supporters of Israel. The opening videos show the inhumanity of the Nazi party. The Nazi party was a political party; it was voted into office and took control of the government of Germany, to include its military.

Jewish children Singing “Hatikvah” the early 1930’s – A comment from a You Tube Viewer:
“IM crying. They sing the first version of “Hatikvah” the “religious” one. They have a heavy European accent. They were all killed in the Holocaust. I’m in tears and crying.”

Jewish children in the Holocaust

Holocaust – A comment from You Tube, Ken Burns, Published on Jul 25, 2012, Leopold, Burnett Miller, Dwain Luce and others discuss the horror of the Holocaust and how it haunts them still. To learn more about “The War” visit:

Ship Full of Holocaust Survivors Sing Hatikva in 1945

Aaronic Benediction Hebrew Blessing Hebrew & English Version

What caused Dr. Jimmy DeYoung to focus on the nation of Israel?

Why is there so much anger against the Jewish people?

Why is America not mentioned in end-time prophecy in the Bible?

Who are the nations that will come against Israel in the last days? How will the final wars unfold?

Are we seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37 in Israel today?

Ezekiel 38 War: Nations mentioned in the Bible

What nations will be involved in the Ezekiel 38 war?

What will happen to Israel during the war described in Ezekiel 38?

What key events will happen around the nation of Israel in the end times?

How Close are we to the Events in Ezekiel 38?

Will there be any signs that the Ezekiel 38 war is about to take place?

How close are we to the rapture, tribulation and Ezekiel 38 war?

Who is taken from earth and who is left at the rapture vs the second coming?

What does the Bible say about the battle of Armageddon?

What Will Take Place at the Battle of Armageddon?

How close are we to having a “world government” such as the Bible talks about?

My Search for Messiah: Introduction

My Search for Messiah: Are there 2 Messiahs?

My Search for Messiah: Finding Messiah

My Search for Messiah: Confronting Scripture

My Search for Messiah: A Messiah Who Would Die

The Promise of Messiah: Introduction

The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Jesus The Sacrificial Lamb

The Messiah as the Suffering Servant

Does Isaiah 53 show that the Messiah would die and then be resurrected?

Should Jewish people of today be inclined to accept Jesus as the Messiah on the basis of Isaiah 53?

Isaiah 53: A Personal Impact

Isaiah 53 — The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 53: Who is the servant?

Isaiah 53: Does Jesus claim to be Messiah?

Isaiah 53: A Guilt Offering

Isaiah 53 — How would a Rabbi read this passage?

What Jesus Said About Life After Death — Connecting this Life to the Next

What Jesus Said About Life — Eternal Life

What Jesus Said About Life After Death — Life Before Death

What Jesus Said About Life After Death — Where Are We Headed

What Jesus Said About Life — True Reality

What Jesus Said About Who He Is: His Unique Claims

Jan Markell On Israel

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