Israel’s Significance

The opening video of this article shows Jews whom reside in the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City in the United States. They are significant in this article’s discussion of Israel, and Jews residing throughout our world.

The Jewish Prophets of Israel wrote many things about the significance of Israel, as they believe were given to them by God (Elohim). Many people, whom identify themselves as being believers in Christ, agree with the writings of the Jewish prophets. The following is a Christian perspective of Israel.

It is impossible to have a study of eschatology, without also having an understanding of the nation of Israel, as it relates to the end times scenario. Any serious student of the end times must seek an understanding of the covenant promises of God to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3), as they relate to the land of Israel, the covenant seed of Israel, and the end times promise of the Kingdom Age. There is a movement that has existed for many years, and is very much alive today, that is known as “replacement theology.” The belief within replacement theology is that the church is the new Israel. The reasoning for such error is because Israel rejected Christ, is in a state of unbelief today, and that the promises and blessings that God made to Israel are now beneficent to the church. However, a careful reading of Genesis 12:1-3, shows that the blessings of God for Israel are not based on any state of belief, or unbelief, that may be present in the spiritual condition of Israel. God has never made a promise to any nation or people, as He has made to “the nation of Israel.” There is no such thing as “a Christian nation,” having God-ordained geographic boundaries. The church is the born again body of believers in Christ, and is by no means a nation. During the Kingdom Age, the nation of Israel will dwell within the God-given boundaries of the land of Israel, that is based on the covenant that God made with Abraham. During the time of the Millennium (Kingdom Age), born again Gentiles will reside in lands that are located beyond the borders of Israel. In order for Jews to find their place in the Kingdom Age land of Israel, each of those Jews must have been born again (John 3:3).

At present time, the nation of Israel is living in a condition of unbelief, as it relates to its relationship with Christ, the Messiah. The city of Tel Aviv is a very sinful city; the city of Jerusalem is a city of much less sin. Since 1948, Jews have been returning to their homeland, and in a state of unbelief. Unbelieving Jews will be tested for belief in Christ during the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation, those Jews, whom have come to saving faith in Christ, will return in belief to the Lord, and to a much larger land, that extends from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq. Regardless of Israel’s sinfulness, or of its proper standing with Messiah/Christ, God’s Word is firm: Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse.” We have no choice, but to bless Israel, or to be the targets of God’s curses.

Consider the following comments that relate to the opening video of this article.

http://israelvideosfeed.comBorough Park (usually spelled Boro Park by its residents), is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City in the United States; Borough Park covers an extensive grid of streets between Bay Ridge and Prospect Park. Borough Park had its beginnings in a few streets of cottages called “Blythebourne” erected in 1887 by the speculative builder, Electus B. Litchfield.Another developer, William Reynolds, built more speculative housing in the area, which was served by a steam railroad, the Brooklyn, Bath and Coney Island West End Line.
Borough Park is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel, with one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the United States, and Orthodox traditions rivaling many insular communities. Since the average number of children in Hasidic and Hareidi families is 6.72, Borough Park is experiencing sharp growth. It is an economically diverse area, with rich, working class and poor people living side-by-side and going to the same schools and synagogues.
Its heart lies between 9th and 18th Avenues and 40th and 61st Streets. Borough Park is patrolled by the NYPD’s 66th [6] Precinct and by Boro Park Shomrim Citizen Safety Patrol

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