The following scholars provide documents, videos, and other teaching aids that relate to the teaching of Israel, and the overall focus of this blog. Each contributor has been proven to be a supporter of Israel. They believe that “the church is the church,” and “Israel is Israel.” They believe that the biblical blessings and promises that are written in Scripture that relate to Israel have not been given to the church. The Church has not replaced Israel. Israel is a nation; the church is not! As a believer in Christ, I must make known the biblical truth about Israel and the Church. As a note, Tommie Ice probably has one of the most informative libraries of any scholar on facts that relate to Israel. Additionally, the link to Michael Rydelnik will also take you to his Moody Open Line broadcasts which occur each Saturday morning (10:00 – 12:00, EST).

Jan Markell

Randy Alcorn

John Ankerberg, founder and president of The John Ankerberg Show, the most-watched Christian worldview show in America

Mark Blitz

David L. Cooper

Jimmy DeYoung – Signs of the Last Days
Bio –

Gary Frazier,

Paul David Freed,

Ed Hindson,
Ed Hindson is the Bible Teacher on The King Is Coming telecast. He is also the Assistant Chancellor, Distinguished Professor, and Dean of the Institute of Biblical Studies and the School of Religion at Liberty University in Virginia.

Ed Hindson

Mark Hitchcock,
Mark Hitchcock is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor, and adjunct faculty member of the Dallas Theological Seminary.

David Hocking,

Thomas Ice

Grant Jeffrey,

David Jeremiah,

Tim LaHaye,

Zola Levitt

Hal Lindsey,
Harold Lee Lindsey (born November 23, 1929) is an American evangelist and Christian writer. He is a Christian Zionist and dispensationalist author. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree, majoring in the New Testament and early Greek literature.

John MacArthur,

J.D. Pentecost,

Donald Perkins

David Reagan,

Nathan Jones

Al Gist

Dennis Pollock

Ron Rhodes,
Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary (1986). Major: Systematic Theology. Graduated with High Honors.
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (1983). Major: Systematic Theology. Graduated with Honors. Elected to Dean’s List.
B.A., Houston Baptist University (1979). Recipient of the Greek Excellence Award. Chief nominee for the Riverside Scholarship.

Michael Rydelnik

Charles Ryrie, Ryrie Study Bible
Charles Ryrie,
Charles Ryrie,

Bill Salus,

Thomas R. Schreiner

Renald Showers,
Renald Showers is an author and Bible teacher for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Logo-en

Renald Showers

Douglas D. Stauffer,

Jack Van Impe,

John F. Walvoord,
(1910-2012) long-time president of Dallas Theological Seminary, was one of the most prominent evangelical scholars of his generation. He is considered perhaps the world’s foremost interpreter of biblical prophecy.
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