Jews In Scripture – Prophets – Isaiah

I. Article Title. Jews In Scripture – Prophets – Isaiah

II. Article References.

Charles C. Ryrie, Th. D., Ph. D., D. Litt. Merrill F. Unger, Th. D., Ph. D. John F. Walvoord, Th. D., D. Litt. Harold W. Hoehner, Th. D., Ph. D. Stanley D. Toussaint, Th. D. Edward E. Hindson Th. D., Ph. D. Robert L. Thomas, Th. D. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Th. D., D. Litt. J. Dwight Pentecost, Th. D. Robert P. Lightner, Th. D.

III. Jews In Scripture – Isaiah (Introduction).

A. Isaiah is justly accounted the chief of the writing prophets. He has the more comprehensive testimony and is distinctively the prophet of redemption. Nowhere else in the Scriptures written under the law have we so clear a view of grace. The New Testament Church does not appear (Ephesians 3:3-10), but Messiah in His Person and sufferings, and the blessing of the Gentiles through Him, are in full vision.

B. Apart from his testimony to his own time, which includes warnings of coming judgments upon the great nations of that day, the predictive messages of Isaiah cover seven great themes: Israel in exile and divine judgment upon Israel’s oppressors. The return from Babylon. The manifestation of Messiah in humiliation (e.g. Chap. 53). The blessing of the Gentiles. The manifestation of Messiah in judgment (“the day of vengeance of our God”). The reign of David’s righteous Branch in the kingdom-age. The new heavens and the new earth.

C. Isaiah is in two chief divisions: Looking toward the captivities, Isaiah 1:1-8. Key verses, Isaiah 1:1,Isaiah 1:2. Looking beyond the captivities, Isaiah 40:1-24. Key verses, Isaiah 40:1,Isaiah 40:2.

D. These chief divisions fall into subdivisions, as indicated in the text. The events recorded in Isaiah cover a period of 62 years. This Introduction comes from Scofield Reference Notes, 1909 A.D. Each page of Isaiah’s prophecy is dated from 760 B.C. to  698 B.C. 

E. Isaiah 1:1-2 is key to understanding the prophecy of the Jewish prophet to the Jewish people of his time, and is not addressed to Gentiles. Isaiah does not prophecy anything about the USA, New York City, or 911. Isaiah’s prophecy, or parts of its prophecy, can not be claimed by anyone, for any purpose, other than for Isaiah’s prophecy to the Jews and Israel. Isaiah’s Prophecy relates to the last days of Israel, but not to the church. His “last days prophecy” relates to the tribulation (24:1-13), kingdom age of the millennium (2:1-4), and eternal state (66:22), as well as other verses. Gentiles who are left behind from the rapture will experience the effects of the tribulation in all areas of the earth, but are incidental to Isaiah’s prophecy to Israel. Gentiles who come to faith in Christ during the Tribulation will be born again and enter the Kingdom age (millennium), along with Jews who have had the same experience; both groups will experience the blessings of the eternal state (Rev 21:1-2. new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem). 

IV. Article Considerations.

A. One of the most difficult and most important factors of writing an article is related to sources of information. A writer must ensure that such sources have a high degree of knowledge on the subjects that are being written, and also must have a high degree of respect from other writers. A second factor that must be considered relates to how to lawfully use material of other writers. In this web site, copyright statutes are not violated. Also, “public domain,” is to be considered.

B. In this article, I have chosen theologians whom have proven themselves to be highly respected by others in the Biblical doctrine of eschatology (the study of what Scripture teaches about the end times), and other doctrines of scripture. All of the references in this article have a connection with Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) as graduate or instructor.

C.  For education and other supporting data for each source of information in this article, please refer to my Page, “About My References.” The following links show information about Dallas Theological Seminary. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Seminary. It is important to understand that DTS is not a denominational seminary, and is totally independent of such.

D. About Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).

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2. Doctrinal Statement.


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